Jumpstart Products and Services  are the best practice
processes, tools and templates in the industry.  Our accomplished team
accelerates  the design of custom deliverables, so you don't have to
"reinvent the wheel." We  measure results in speed, innovation and
customer satisfaction.

MindShift Coaching Service

Our coaching service provides custom solutions for executives , top talent,
and teams .  We identify  development gaps strengthen leadership skills
and apply solutions.   Mind
Shift Solutions was  designed, developed and
implemented,  successfully, over  a  15 year  period, by  our expert   
practitioners .

Organization Solutions Service

Diagnose It/Scope It – a QTemplate (or strategic decision-making tool) to
build a business case for change, talent portfolio or training/learning
investments. The Qtemplate includes objectives, measurements, feedback
loop, communications and OD strategies, stakeholder involvement, and
most importantly, an analysis of time and money investment to financial

Build It/Map It – Learning Organization Architecture including a three-year
ChangeMapSM for managing initiatives, technologies, outcomes, and
measures.  The map is a custom management tool for recognizing when
and how to implement change, what resistance will look like, and how to
overcome it.  Instructions for 3 initiatives, (e.g. a company-wide knowledge
exchange website), and 10 learning technologies, (e.g. after action
reviews), are included as eTemplates.

Align It/Realign It – Individual User Performance and Competency Tools for
building 2012 leadership competencies and a coordinated HR system.  
Core templates include a leadership competency model, detailed self-
assessment tool, performance appraisal forms and process, and
development guide.  Supplemental tools for recruiting and functional or
technical competencies can be developed.

OrientEM – Architecture for E-orientation to your company, a new business
model, or Mergers & Acquisitions employee assimilation.  Architecture
includes eTool examples of key, functional meeting agendas, web tools,
and strategic internal and external communications vehicles.

Leadership Solutions Service

DevelopEM – Leadership and Organization Development

  • GlobeNET – Develop a global/enterprise talent network to service a
    high net worth client/customer from an enterprise perspective.
    Emphasis is on developing talent and accelerating execution of key
    business strategies. Establish a global vs. an international culture,
    or a diversity mindset, appropriate to the business.
  • EthicsNET – Managers guide to facilitating discussions that ensure
    your code of ethics is understood, reinforced by the culture, and
    internationally relevant.
  • LeadersNET – High-potential network charged by the CEO to
    design and deliver a profitable service/product to a new market.  
    The network will use E3SM methodologies, including precision
    questioning, decision tools, prioritizing techniques, values
    alignment, before-during-after action learning tools,  “Genius of the
    And” lean thinking.

BenchNET – Seven "Game-Changing" Initiatives for Talent Development
and Succession Planning.  Based on a systematic approach to linking
people development to strategy and operations, you will achieve maximum
results when you apply all seven levers together.  (See separate page for

TrainNET – “Fast Company” Learning and Training Curriculum – Blueprint
includes Fast Tracker leadership path, alternate delivery systems, virtual
and eLearning delivery methodologies; leadership, basic skill, and
functional tracks.  Program development and delivery services are also

What We Offer

As specialists in people-performance, organization design (process),
and change management we customize solutions to fit your unique
business goals.  With each solution, we provide:

  • implementation options and guidelines
  • a walk-through with practitioners who have developed the
  • mentoring sessions to complete the hand-off  
  • quality deliverables based on maximum learning standards

You will launch your initiatives with game changing questions, targeted
metrics, powerful execution methodologies and a core leadership
network to insure a successful outcome.  

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