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... How?  With a network of professionals, all having held roles as
successful corporate executives, who are renowned for aligning people
processes, strategy and operations to financial performance.  
Together, your business leaders and our practitioners find the unique
levers that will transform your organization into a new economy business.  
We provide expertise, experience, and excellence to develop your
organization’s potential to operate at higher levels of performance and to
reap the rewards of increasing margins.
Our Approach

Our integrated approach uses ME3™ (expertise, experience and
excellence) methodologies in everything we do:
  • Revenue Building Leadership Development
  • Portfolio Approach to Talent Investment
  • Tactical Approach to Change
  • Future Trends Approach to Strategy
  • Strategic Focus on Communications
  • Network Approach to Global Alliance Management
  • Leading Indicator and Key Driver Focus on Feedback Systems

Why Does Our Approach Work?

  • You start from our lessons learned. With this knowledge you
    exponentially increase your organization’s profitability and
    customer satisfaction.
  • We integrate your vision, values and goals into our methodology,
    so they are understood, successfully implemented and help you
    answer the game changing questions...

    ►   What does my customer need to learn first, fast?
    ►   How can my organization deliver results faster?
    ►   How can we reduce the lag time between market
          changes and our response?

  • You benefit from our unique approach at the handoff stage of
  • We transfer the capability to your team to manage change to your
  • We provide you with the tools to assist you in asking the correct
  • We believe tactics drive strategy – do something, learn from it,
    and the strategy is operationalized.
  • We empower YOU to take your capabilities and think at the next
MindShift Solutions has expertise in aligning customer needs,
business goals, and employee effectiveness for both start-up and Fortune
500 companies. We have launched successful change, high-performance
and talent management systems for businesses in the U.S. and worldwide.

              Want to get better at your game?
                         Learn a new game?
                         Change the game?
MindShift Solutions can get you there faster, smarter, and pain free.